Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do better.

Hi! A year and a half and no posts. I'm a super consistent blogger. Go me!

Yesterday on facebook I posted "We do the best we can until we can do better." This has pretty much been my mantra in life. I am constantly trying to improve and grow while still appreciating the things I'm succeeding at. Generally that has served me well except for this one area that I suck at. I suck at partially because I never enjoyed it and I didn't care to work at it. That has changed. I still don't enjoy it but now I'm working at it. What is it?


It only took me 33 years and a couple of kids to realize that there is no organizing fairy that is going to come run my home for me. I've sucked it up and starting tackling little projects. Last night I did phase one of my closet.

Here are the horrible BEFORE pictures: 

Jumbled mess.

Basically all of the boxes are empty at this point...


Seriously Laura?



Slightly improved AFTER pictures:

Sweet. Now if only I could fit in all of these!
Going to build in some cubes for further organization
but this is a huge improvement.
Yes, boxes now contain SHOES!
No more wire hanger, all felt now.
Now clothes *hopefully* won't fall on the floor!



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