Monday, October 28, 2013

Did you get the demo memo?

Last week we started the process of getting two of our wall mounted toilets converted to normal ones. As with anything plumbing, there are ALWAYS surprises.

Someone in this house's past life did a pretty crappy job with everything plumbing. The wall mounted toilets were installed crookedly and would have never gotten a good seal, hence the conversion. Our awesome plumber started the process to unearth the pipes.

Bathroom 1 went fairly smoothly except that we discovered the tile wasn't waterproofed so the water from the shower was just leaking through the tile. FUN.

Bathroom 2... oh bathroom 2. The past-life plumber (or DIYer?) decided encasing the pipes in concrete sounded like a stellar idea. This makes our current plumber's life a little more difficult and the hole in our floor much larger. Oh and that tub next to the toilet, they did a crappy repair there causing leakage too... So that pretty wood floor in the bedroom next to the bathroom, oh yes, some of that is gone. Oh and there was 2 inches of layered sub-floor from years of half-assed bathroom renovations.

Luckily for us we have kick-ass friends. This weekend Chris (the friend, not the brother) removed all the tile and sub-floor in bathroom 2 in a half an hour.

Next Chris started on the tile nightmare that is bathroom 1 and then went to go help another friend with a honey do!

And in a matter of minutes Dad built an awesome wagon to assist in the effort!

When Chris returned, Paul and dad both jumped into help. 6 or so hours later (and a lot of beer and sweat) we have a clean slate. I can't seem to find a way to accurately express how much work they put into this. Removing the tile from the walls was NOT easy. They rock.
Man's best friend

No Tile!

Oh and a little bonus for you... bathroom 1 had 1 small section of insulation?

Oh and somehow Paul managed to squeeze in replacing a motion sensor light and fixing a sprinkler too. Plus we had people over for football watching and went to a Halloween festival in town. We need a weekend from our weekend but instead we're both back at work feeling like zombies. (Thanks especially to our adorable children for the lack of sleep last night!)

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