Monday, October 21, 2013

While recovering from gallbladder surgery I...

About a month ago I had to have my gallbladder removed. This coincided with my last week of maternity leave and the first week the kids were back at daycare. The doctor said I should take it easy for a week. I asked for clarification of what that means. (Lay in bed for a week?) He said "Don't lift anything over 20lbs."

Awesome, I can do that. Dad and I decided to use some of my new found freedom to build some of the items on my ever growing list.

Dad's work didn't cooperate fully with our plans so I ended up building this baby all by myself. (Notice the beautiful kreg jig joined piece below the chair. It was eventually incorporated into a cat box enclosure for Miss Bella.)

It proved to be a little difficult (not impossible but frustrating) to put the chairs together alone so I waited on him to do the rest. I cut all the wood and then did other little projects around the house.

When he got home we proceeded to make a table to go with the chair and then put the other 3 chairs together.

Then I started the finishing process. (dad generally avoids these tasks. :) )

Jocelyn loves here new chalkboard table and chairs! :)

Plus, huge score on the rug. $6.99 at Ross. :)

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