Saturday, November 16, 2013

Do you have a list?

Paul and I are both big proponents of lists. We have no less than 7 shared lists and I have a couple personal ones too (and this doesn't count work lists.) We are currently using Wunderlist to organize and share our personal lists and it is working much better than the previous applications (and even better than my trusty piece of paper.)

How do you organize your lists?

We have the obvious:
Grocery List
Gift List - By person with sub-tasks for gift ideas
To Do List - This is mainly daily/weekly life stuff
Kids Stuff To Do - Anything kid related like get Miles a crib, pass on outgrown clothing, etc.

Then the more tailored to us:
House To Do List - Probably our longest list and this has sub-lists that are created from it.
               Ex: Sub-list Bathroom Project
Build List - Projects I'm building or going to build

My current personal lists:
Thanksgiving - We are hosting this year. Don't want to forget anything.
Book Club - I'm hosting in December. This is how I don't forget anything.
Path to Christmas - this has projects and things I need/want to complete for the holiday season.

You can set due dates and view things based on what is due this week or based on the lists above. To some, this might seem like list overload but it is the only way I continue productivity without being overwhelmed.

How do you organize your life and keep track of all the moving pieces of your lives?

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  1. Evernote is my list maker of choice and like you I have many lists, shared & personal. Its how busy moms keep it all together!!!!