Friday, November 15, 2013

Dumpster Crates

It is no secret that our house is a lifetime project and if you've come to our house, you know it isn't decorated AT ALL. We've made a point to try to avoid putting too much pressure on ourselves and just do things as they come.

For a while, Jo has been utilizing a cardboard box in the living room as her toy chest. (Classy, I know.)

Might be ghetto but it is ADORABLY ghetto.

Fast forward a bit and dad found a bunch of free wood next to the dumpster by his condo. I thought it would be a perfect fit to make a few crates to store some of her toys. I didn't take any building pictures but here is one during painting. (Left over paint from the kid's table.)

And here is the finished product. (Finished is in italics because i have a couple ideas of things I might do to these still.)

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